3 Most Important Points To Remember Before Creating a Signage for Your Small Business


The rise of digital media has brought a paradigm shift in the field of advertising and marketing. Unquestionably, digital media is faster and also capable of getting the attention of marketers than conventional print media. However, we still believe that if you really want to gain attention of the customers then go for good, old-fashioned signs. Signages are still the best bet for any organizations, especially for the smaller ones.

In fact, more than one half of small-business owners notice in-store signs and graphics is an effective medium in attracting customers – result of a nationwide survey commissioned by a top retailer. According to marketers, signage has a significant & positive effect even on those people who are consider as impulse or instinct shoppers. Furthermore, a major electronics company found around 17% of its customers stop at their outlets after watching a sign, even those who didn’t had any plans to stop originally.

Isn’t it great news? Of course it is. Unquestionably, it is the best time to capitalize on those facts and grow your business. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans love to drive on average 16% more during summer months. Therefore, it is the high-time to take advantages of this finding and start acknowledging that outdoor banner is one of the most cost-effective ways to spread your business.

Now, before opting for Outdoor Signage – especially at the time of designing banners, as a small business owner, you should keep three important principles in your mind. Those are:

  • Selective Colors for Brands: The choice of colors plays a huge-role in a well-designed banner. It is the color(s) that often conveys a brand’s unique identity. For instance, think about the depth, uniqueness of the Coca-Cola’s Red or the golden arches with a red background of the McDonald’s. Colors play a huge role in defining a brand’s identity. It has been found that designers prefer to choose trendy, in-fashion colors. But, often it has been found that what is current now will be out-of-fashion in future. Keep that in mind too.
  • Use Contrasting Colors to Enhance Readability: Your banner’s contrast also enhances the readability of the sign. Most banners include either texts or graphics in the foreground with a contrasting color in the background. The contrast between text/graphics and background color is the most essential element of a signage. A dark colored text and graphics on a light background, is the ideal choice to get the attentions of the passers-by.
  • Bigger Lettering, Better Visibility: The larger/bigger the lettering, it is easier to read them. It is especially important if you are planning to get the attentions of the motorists. The common rule of thumb is that to maintain 10 feet readability per inch of letter height. It suggests the letters are 10 inches tall and can be seen from 100 feet away.

As one of the most prominent signage making companies, we have years of experience in creating high-quality affordable business signs that fit all sizes of businesses.

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