3 Options for Illuminated Signs & Getting the Most Out of Them

illuminated signs

This post walks readers through some of the options for illuminated signage. Choose the product that best suit your business needs.

Illuminated signs look good for your storefront – be it a café, bistro, late night pub or a luxurious spa. A lot has been said and written about how illuminated displays benefit businesses. These products are ideal for stores that attract more footfalls after dusk sets in – and when it grows dark, it’s imperative that your shop, café or restaurant stands out in the dark and gets noticed by passersby and commuters. And, when it’s important to get noticed, the options available for illumined letters and displays and getting the most out them matter.

So, let’s read to learn about the options and how they are beneficial.

Illuminated Signs and LEDs

You can install illuminated signs using a variety of techniques and design effects to enhance the overall impact of your storefront display. You can also use a range of colors which can be produced via LEDs. The colors are changed with the help of a simple electronic controller. It is then set to a light sensing sensor or timer. The sensor will make sure that when darkness sets in, your store sign will keep glowing in darkness.

LED Lighting

As far as LEDs are concerned, they are not only affordable but businesses can also obtain them easily and use them in a number of situations. When it comes to lighting effects, there are differences and it’s important to understand what effect will best attract your potential customers to your store.

There are some marked advantages of using LEDs including:

  • Lasts more than conventional lighting solutions. The bulbs used by professional sign design services normally last for 7 to 10 years.
  • More affordable than traditional lighting because it uses lower voltage, thus helping you save your hard earned dollars over the lifespan of your signage. Though it may require more initial investment for fluorescent bulbs but much less for neon.
  • LEDs emit insignificant heat compared to traditional lighting systems. This means LEDs are much safer and less liable to fail owing to excessive heat build-up.

Fluorescent and Neon Lighting

Though illuminated signage was manufactured using fluorescent tubing and neon lights, they had their own flaws.

When it comes to fluorescent lighting, they are perfect for backlit products and similar items but not much beneficial for signs other than simple rectangular or square shapes. These lights offer greater benefits than conventional glowing lamps because fluorescent illuminates more and emits less heat. However, fluorescent bulbs score low in terms of reduced efficiency in bad weather conditions, thus restricting their use outside your business establishment.

Neon lights, on the contrary, are made by designing and bending fragile glass tubing into the specified design. Thereafter, it is lighted up via a high voltage and ionizing a filtered gas mix. This kind of product needs considerable power to operate and would require more as and when the gas starts depleting.

So, there are some of the options for illuminated signage that you can consider. However, make sure that you consult a company offering sign design services near you to get the best lighting effects.

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