6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Spruce Up Your Monument Signages

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Installation is easy but maintaining it round the year could be even more difficult. Yes, it takes time to examine the loop holes but isn’t it good to care than paying extra damage and repair cost? Here’s what you should do to prepare your signage for spring and beyond.


Finally, after days of chilled temperature nature turns 360 degree to make the aura colorful with SPRING in its way. Needless to mention that it’s time of the year when your signage needs love, care and maintenance. It has been weather of extremes passing through harsh freezing temperature and moist winter and who knows how tougher it would be to endure during the forthcoming sultry days of summer.

Signages have to witness and endure a vast range of climatic extremities every year. Irrespective of its placement, whether mounted outside or pylons located at traffic intersections, or ground monument, they are subjected to withstand hot triple digit change to minus two digit degrees.

The extra bites of temperature lead to mold formation, mildew growth and softening of colors due to moisture stagnation on the signs. The mentioned issues pave the way for reduced life of your business signage with enhanced damage and maintenance cost.

Here are some tips that would contribute to enhance your signage’s longevity and cuts back upon your sign damage and investment on maintenance.

Thorough cleaning with recommended liquids

Cleanse the faces and line surfaces of the monument signs using a plain dry cloth at first and then with the detergents or solvents suggested by the manufacturer. It will return back the original shine of the sign by scouring the mildew fog.

Check for cracks

You must cross check your monument signs for any fissure occurrence. Even if you notice a hairlike flaw, you should go in for a repair work immediately as it may give rise to numerous other complications in the signage. You can indeed contact your sign manufacturer regarding replacement or proper repair measure as it is continuously exposed to climatic changes.

Maintenance for water elements

Do your monument signs have anything to do with water effects on it? Then it’s time to cleanse the moisture formation and allow for a proper drainage. You should not miss out on replacing the water outflow gasket which sees rust, if needed.

Stay cautious to the garden sprays

Is your monument sign near garden or parking lot full of greeneries? There lies a chance that your landscape specialists are using weeds for the garden maintenance which may impact your nearby signage. You must ask them to spray out cautiously as the spray might have elements that can sabotage the paint of your business sign.

Avoid letter strip off

Examine and test for the paint peeling from the metallic letters. You should also take care of the default fasteners that could have seen an about-to-strip off situation. It’s better to repair it beforehand.

Examine all electronic equipment affixed

You should test all the electronic mechanisms such as lamp sockets, plugs and lamps embedded on your monument signs as negligence while inspecting can even lead to future short circuiting.

With the help of these sign cleaning tricks you can safeguard the brightness and visual value of your signage. Start today with these spring cleaning and maintenance tips not only to shield your signage but also the brand image.

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