Cabinet Signs: 4 Varieties to Boost Branding of Your Business

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Cabinet signs are ideal options for those businesses which usually operate during daytime. There are varieties of options available on cabinet signs each catering to specific needs. Take a look at what these signs have to offer to boost your business.

With changing times, people have recognized the importance of using signages for business. Every business has unique needs and a different strategy to deal with it, when advertising and promotional aspects are concerned.

It is of late asked – which sign should a startup business (breakfast restaurant, toy shop, health spa etc) use while being tight on budget and needs visibility during day hours? Cabinet Signs can be the best answer. Here’s an insight on cabinet signs focusing how it can boost business branding.

Cabinet signs are also known as light box signs. These are economical ways of highlighting your business. These signs usually provide perfect visibility during morning hours and if used in combination with LED lights, can serve best in rainy or foggy mornings and dark night hours too.

You can turn – on and off the lights as per your need. This feature saves your expense on electricity for the days that do not need an illuminated signage.

Light box sign uses a variety of options such as – plastic faces, metallic letters, push-through faces, customization with digital prints in the designs.

There are numerous cabinet signs that you can use for your business’ visibility.

Varieties of Cabinet Signages

Form-Face Sign.

You can go creative by selecting a geometric shape (a circle, square, triangle or rectangle) and get it marked with your business message. Our experts can help you in conceptualizing and materializing the entire idea.

Stay informative and crisp when you write the message as longer ones may not seek attention in less time. This message can even be your contact number or logo. During the dark hours of the day, these vividly lit signs act as a guidepost for your prospective customers and people standing at a distance.

Pan Face Monument Cabinet Signs.

This variety is termed as “pan face” because it looks like a cookie sheet pan upturned on a monument. You can make it livelier for evening hours by adding extra illuminations. Lighting the signs offer additional security. These are not only preferred as standalone monument signs but also as magnificent building signs for the exteriors.

Pan Face Board with Changeable Letters.

As the name suggests, this kind of pan face design, comprises of changeable letters. It is mostly preferred by those establishments which love to educate, share details and make announcements such as kindergarten schools, inns, travel agencies etc.

Customized Signs Using Logo & Digital Print.

Do you have a special logo for your business? You can make use of your logo with this kind of cabinet sign to emphasize on the branding of your business. In this variety, your signage is carved in the shape of your logo.

With break paced competition in the market, you can’t lose a single chance to lose on your potential customers. Get in touch with us to find out which cabinet sign suits your business best!

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