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Our Channel Letters Provide Outstanding Visibility

A channel letter is a three-dimensional letter sign crafted from a sheet of metal, typically plastic or aluminum. Computerized router or laser is used to cut the sheet of metal into letter shapes, which are needed to make the back of channel letters. Then approximately 3 to 6-inch wide strips are bent to 90 degrees along the edges of the cut letters to create the sides called “returns”. To mask the edges, trim cap is used offering the final touch.

Metal or an acrylic face is also used to fabricate the front of the signage. A plastic channel letter is made from molded plastic cans. Channel letters are illuminated by LED modules or neon gas tubes.

Do you own a tavern, a restaurant, a retail store, or a beauty salon? Try our channel letters and get noticed by passersby. Channel letters from Wesco Signs have unlimited font types giving your business a remarkable visibility and dramatic appearance.

Our designers create and install channel lettering for office buildings, retail stores, shopping centers, bistros, banks, and other types of businesses. Our inimitable construction and installation process gives you the flexibility to include your brand logo, contour boxes, and images to make each sign unique.

If you want to ornate your office or store interiors, our channel letter signage is your perfect choice. It will not only be an identifying symbol of your brand but also serve as an excellent work of art.

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