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City Permits for Hassle-free Sign Installation

Getting city permits can be a cumbersome task for companies unfamiliar with the ways cities do business. We at Wesco Signs in Torrance, Los Angeles County have been obtaining sign permits for several years. We seamlessly perform such tasks as we are aware of the process and know that every city has its unique set of rules and regulations.

As a leading signage service company in the United States, we are aware of city ordinances and local municipal codes. We will not design, fabricate, and install any sign system unless all the essential permits are issued. Wesco will manage all your paperwork related to the process of permitting. Be it a simple coffee shop sign or a complicated and custom-designed one, we obtain city permits for all. Since we manage the entire process for you, you just sit back and relax!

How We Help Clients?

  • We help you with elevation photographs, an overall plot plan, and signage measurements. These are the primary requirements when it comes to obtaining city permits.
  • Our staff help clients get landlord approvals, and also assist in the research of local sign codes for your sign project.
  • With us, you get scaled diagrams of your custom sign that is submitted for approval. Once approved, we start with the sign fabrication process. After your customized sign is approved by the city, we begin with the manufacturing of your business sign.
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