Common Logo Design Flaws to Avoid When Creating Storefront Signs

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Storefront signs should have logos that are professionally designed and created. However, mistakes show-up in the design that make your logo look amateurish. These blunders should be rectified.


Passersby or commuters walking past your store look at your brand logo more than intricate designs or graphics at the first glance. So, if you have a store selling fast food, beverages, flowers, gift items, etc. you should communicate the required information innovatively and uniquely through your business logo. This means when designing illuminated signs or dimensional letters, your brand logo should stand out from the rest of the shops that are selling similar products in your locality. In simple words, your business’s insignia should easily translate on any sign display seamlessly.

In case there are inconsistencies or variations, potential customers would be perplexed as to whether the logo is representing the same business or company. So, let’s discuss about some of the common logo design slip-ups that businesses should keep away from when using business signage. Rectifying these errors will not only make your store signs look professional but also help prospects identify your brand, no matter when, where or from what distance they view it.

Avoid Raster Images

Raster images are made with the help of software such as Photoshop, consisting of pixels. Unprofessional sign makers create large images from the original one, making them appear pixelated. This makes these images look clumsy when applied on large format graphics or screen printing. Pixelated images will make your logo look blurry and indistinct.

To make your storefront look professional, always use advanced digital printing techniques for a neat, clear and distinct look.

No Hiring an Amateurish Graphic Designer

It may seem a lucrative idea to hire a fly by the night and amateurish designer to get your business logo designed. An inexperienced person would pick a pre-made logo and throw some colors and graphics together at a throwaway price. If you choose to avail the services of such an amateurish designer, it’s evident that the final product will be look shabby, ordinary and untidy.

Always use logos that are print ready, look attractive on any medium and adaptable to commercial sign boards.

Overdoing Colors

Use of too many colors is one of the common mistakes that mar your brand forever. First of all, when displayed in front of your retail outlet or fast food store, a multi-colored logo will appear gaudy, over-flamboyant and indistinct. The theme and concept of your brand will be entirely lost, especially if you use colors that are not related to the concept of your business. It will attract attention no doubt but leave your targeted audience look away soon from a labyrinth of colors that make no sense.

Always use not more than 2 colors when designing logos for your storefront signage.

No Complex Designs Please!

Overly complicated designs may look good during the designing phase but to be candid, intricate logos fail to convert whenever they are scaled up to apply on large store signs or scaled down. Complex logos will end up looking cluttered and messy on your shop’s sign board instead of appearing professional.

The more features and details, your customers will take more time in decoding them when passing by your shop. Remember that passersby or speeding vehicles have only a few seconds to understand what your brand is about. So, wasting time and money on intricate designs will do more harm than good.

So, the moral of the story is designing a logo that is simple yet easy to understand and attractive.

Use of Poor Fonts

The correct choice of font can make or break your advertising signs. In fact, an accurate font can actually set the right tone for your brand. Choose fonts that give your logo meaning and character without competing with the designs and graphics used in your insignia.

Avoid using complicated lines that fail to show when you print in small or large formats on products such as illuminated signs.

It’s imperative for your business to avail the services of a sign company providing sign design services that focus on the above mentioned mistakes, rectify them and deliver a storefront logo design sign that is appealing, making your brand easily recognized.

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