Digital Signage & Mobile Technology – A Convergence in Making

Mobile Technology has changed the whole meaning of modern life. It has already made its mark on the signage business. Signage industry is incorporating mobile technology to transform the digital signage solutions. This convergence is making the digital signage more interactive & responsive.

We live in a digital-savvy world. We want everything interactive & responsive. Be it an informational/ promotional display in a hotel or in a shopping mall, our primary instinct is to tap, pinch or swipe the screen to fetch our desired information. And when we came to know that the screen isn’t interactive, we turn frustrated. We all have faced this situation. We have become so used and accustomed to responsiveness & interactivity on our Smartphone and tablets, we come with an assumption that all screens are dynamic, interactive or responsive. And we turn surprised when a particular display fails to achieve our desires or expectations.

Interactive & Responsive Signage

Now, the good news for Signage Company is that many organizations are opting for digital signage that is interactive and responsive. The demand is rising in each day. Understanding the consumers’ demand, commercial signage market is also following the path to create digital signage. Continuously-growing numbers of signage installations are now coming with a certain degree of interactivity, a lead set by mobile phone technology. Converge between digital signage & mobile phone technology is happening or in making. Though interactivity is not a simple point to reach, many organizations are opting for it due to consumer demands. An interactive & dynamic digital signage is completely dependent on three basic things:

  • Touch-Enabled Displays
  • Rich Content
  • Media Players Capable Of Handling Interactive Content

Use of Latest Technology

When it comes to handling interactive content, digital signage makers should always know that all media players are not designed or capable of handling interactive content. To achieve a shudder-free & easy-to-navigate signage with interactive content, a Sing Company needs a strong HTML5 engine. Presence of HTML5 engine makes an interactive digital signage to support WebGL language & also play complex HTML transformations and animations including gesture-based interactions like pinch, swipe or zoom.

Barring the above, another trend that can be witnessing in daily life, people are always with their mobile devices wherever they go. This always-present “interactive screen” offers an exciting opportunity to interact with the customers. A whole new degree of state-of-the-art interaction between digital signage & mobile phone is happening across the world. People, like me and you, seek for this type of facility. Many sign company are leaning into bi-directional engagement and helping customers to receive information on their mobile devices and also contact back in a jiffy. The same experience they get on the big screen.

Higher Customer Engagement

With the emergence of this concept, customer engagement has reached to a newer level. Customers feel more cajoled with discounts and promotions within a minute using their mobile phones. Importantly, the power is on the customers’ hand to decide whether they are satisfied with the experience or not. Undoubtedly, it has revolutionized the digital signage market, in a positive way.

Convergence between Digital Signage & Personal Mobile Devices

With this convergence, businesses are able to make a direct connection with their customers and more importantly, customers also feel entitled to choose which digital signage content is relevant or which is not. In short, this convergence is finally able to bridging the gap between commercial digital signage & personal mobile devices. Unequivocally, a game changer, digital signage is going to be the future of business signage. More and more businesses are also becoming a tech-savvy only to explore the new & alternative paths to engage with their customers.

Wesco Signs – Digital Signage Solution Provider

There are many companies that make Business Signs but when it comes to digital signage, many organizations choose us because of our unparalleled services in creating digital signage for commercial purpose.

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