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Make the Perfect Impression with Our Dimensional Letters

Do you want to give shape to your business image with custom-made dimensional letters? You can place indoor wall letters behind the reception zone or simply on a wall in your office lobby. Custom dimensional lettering also looks great and captures attention when placed outside your building or office facade. At Wesco Signs, our trained designers and consultants help you shape your brand image by placing your company name or insignia on the outside or inside of your office, hotel, or any other building.

Your Choice

Stainless Steel Letters- Our three-dimensional stainless steel lettering gives your business name and logo a completely different look. It stands for strength and resilience.

Acrylic Letters- Give a crisp and super-smooth appeal to your brand name with our acrylic letters.

Aluminum Letters- At Wesco Signs, you can choose from our polished, satin-brushed, smooth-coated, and painted aluminum letters.

Plastic and Foam Products- With our plastic and foam letters, businesses can attract customer attention without creating a dent in their wallet.

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