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Sign Fabrication Services to Outlive Your Competitors

Wesco Signs Inc. offers impeccable sign fabrication services to clients in Torrance, CA. We use premium materials at our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, designing and fabricating all kinds of business signage from wall signs to illuminated signs, pole signs, monument signs, and much more!

We can handle all types of installations quickly and efficiently. Our ladder trucks and bucket trucks help us meet client deadlines which we take very seriously. When you install signs in front of your store, cafe, bistro, or pharmacy, it’s natural to feel skeptical. Since our installers are Wesco Signs employees, you have no reason to worry! The final step in your signage installation project will be handled by our trained staff with care and with the same commitment to excellence!

Our Expertise

We have a team of skilled fabricators who are trained in computerized letter fabrication, neon bending, welding, screen printing, computer routed lettering, and more. Our employees are so talented that no sign fabrication is too challenging for them. That’s why we are able to create signs having ornamental appeal, functional superiority, and enduring value.

When it comes to our production team, we have proficient metal fabricators, welders, plastic fabricators, carpenters, electricians, graphic artists and painters.

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