FAQs on Channel Letter Sign Installation


The most spectacular form of lettering for both outdoor and indoor advertising is the channel letter sign. Apart from being effective and cost efficient, it serves as the future for brand building for any business and entrepreneur. A channel letter sign installation grabs the attention of the target customers with its three dimensional designed letters or figures. You can install this to a wall or any other structure, both illuminated and non-illuminated. One advantage of this mode of advertising is, it is a long term but one-time investment, as the letters do not dent, corrode, fade or dent easily with time. You can install these channel letters both for non-lighted or neon signs.

#1 What makes channel letters popular?

These letters are available in different trim colors and faces. These are also available in a myriad of font styles. The arching of letters has become an old fad now and has been replaced by the flame resistant quality of letters. As a result, the letters are molded into plastic body that offers it protection from arching and flames. Once it is mounted on a wall or some other structures, there would be minimal maintenance for these signs, making them high effective and cost efficient. These are also easy to install and are available in a a wide array of colors.

#2 What are the types of letters?

There are three varieties of letters available. The most common are the standard letters, which are made of a U-channel base, along with colored Plexiglas face. The next type is the reverse channel letters, which come with metal faces and has a clear plastic on the back. These are mounted without touching the wall. These letters are placed a few inches away from the wall. These look outstanding at night, creating a halo effect. The third and the most outstanding type is the channel letter. These letters are with open faces, as these allow the raw and uncovered neon to be seen.

#3 What are the benefits of using channel letters?

These channel letters come as pre-primed for easy painting and for this reason it has become so popular. These can be easily drilled and installed anywhere. These forms of channel letter allow you to place tubing at least one-eighth from the side return, without tripping any electrical transformer.

#4 How to install channel letters?

The channel letters sign can be easily mounted directly to the wall either individually or on a rectangular box, known as raceway. If you mount the letters individually, the appeal would be more than the raceway mounting. However, if you are a bit low on the budget, then raceway mounting would be the best option, as it is quicker and cheaper to install, as each letter is pre-spaced and mounted in the raceway. If you want to mount the letters on a wall, complete with all the letters affixed on well, then raceway is the best option. If budget is not a constraint for you then you can opt for individual lettering. However, it would take a bit more time, as one letter at a time needs to be mounted on the wall. Though expensive, the quality of lettering in individual becomes more superior.


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