How to Attract More Customers with Restaurant Signs?


Signage design for restaurant takes planning, time and effort to attract customers to walk in and order food. This post details some useful tips and ideas to increase footfall.


When it comes to increasing footfall to your restaurant, you only have a few seconds to impress your potential customers passing by your eatery. During those few seconds, your prospects will get a glimpse of your restaurant signage and decide whether to eat something or not.

Then, is it easy to attract the attention of your potential customers during those valuable seconds? In this post, we have some tips and ideas to help you attract and win over patrons at your dining venue.

Be Visible Using Big and Tall Signs

No matter the type of restaurant you own, it’s important to keep your restaurant signs big and tall to be spotted immediately by people passing or driving by. If your food joint is situated in a high-traffic or tourist-heavy zone, invest in:

  • Road side signs
  • Imposing illuminated signs
  • Channel letters

These signage products should be strategically installed to pique the hunger pangs of travelers.

Be Visible Day & Night

Marketing doesn’t cease to target customers even after dusk. Consider illuminated displays to market your special menus when darkness falls. Invest in quality LED lights as they glow more brilliantly than traditional signs, and also visible behind glass windows or in direct sunlight.

Use Words in Moderation

Five to six seconds is the maximum time that customers will spend to read what you are trying to communicate. Therefore, keep your message restricted to not more than 10 words. To be candid, the USP of your dining venue should not be more than 5 words to get your message across right away.

Use of Colors

When deciding on the color composition, ensure that you follow these tips:

  • Pick colors that relate to the concept or theme of your restaurant
  • Reputed restaurant chains always use warm color palettes. So, think on the lines of orange, red or yellow. Red is a great appetizer, arouses hunger, and yellow is associated with the cheerfulness of dining out.
  • Use a lighter color for text against a darker background and vice versa.

Noticeable and Easy to Read Menu Board

You would not like losing hungry customers or food aficionados simply because the menu board is not impressive or difficult to read or notice. The best way to solve this problem is by installing an easy-to-read menu board at a strategic place so that passersby can easily spot and read it from a distance.

Here are some ideas to help you:

  • Promote some signature dishes, i.e. give your customers an idea of what you have to offer.
  • Use short, catchy texts in your menu like ‘Soup of the Day’, ‘Fresh Salmon of the Day’, ‘Meaty Delights Only Available Today’, etc.

Make Your Brand Messages a Bit Savory or Humorous

A touch of humor can help considerably in attracting customers. Based on the kind of crowd, pick your punch lines, incorporating the best humor. It can be food witticism-related, self critical or a little cheesy to help with impulse sales. Make sure that these lines are illuminated and have some flash, blinking or crawling effects.

Consider these tips when choosing signage design for restaurants. You can also research a bit more to come up with innovative ideas.


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