How to Make Your Cafeteria Signs More Enticing?

Cafeteria signs can be made more enticing by using the right colors, strategic copy and alluring images. Read this post to learn more.


Besides cognitive and emotional factors, there are other aspects such as the look and design of your cafeteria signs to encourage or discourage people to eat. Read this blog to learn how to employ these scientific findings to create attractive cafeteria signage.

Use Colors Wisely to Arouse Hunger

Colors play an essential role when it comes to arousing hunger. Several studies have shown that red, orange and yellow are frequently used in corporate lunchrooms as they are the most appetite stimulating colors. So, if your cafeteria is offering fast food items such as burgers and pizzas, use abundance of red and yellow.

Use these optimistic shades for your office canteen signs. You can use bright shades of red, yellow or orange in illuminated displays or lettering as per your requirement.

Use Attractive, Strategic Copy

Whether it’s illuminated signs or a display menu board, use attractive and strategic text on your menu board to influence people’s decisions to order and eat. Here are some of the things you can try.

  • When printing the price of food items, ensure to remove the dollar sign against food items. Use numerals only because the dollar sign reminds people that they have to part with their hard earned money.
  • Use persuasive copy like ‘lip-smacking hot dogs’, ‘Spicy ham burgers’, or ‘cheese dripping pizzas’ or ‘slow cooked meat’ to stir up visceral responses from hungry guests.
  • Always use bold and big letters to highlight the most popular food items

Use Appealing Imageries

Just staring at an image of a cheese dripping pizza topped with chunks of meat can produce physiological hunger responses. So, what are you supposed to do to ensure such type of responses? Do you have any ideas? What about incorporating food photography in your cafeteria signage and menu boards with more emphasis on highlighting texture?

For this, you may need to hire professional photographers to accentuate the succulence of a freshly cooked steak, the crispness of French fries or the smoothness of an indulging dessert such as the creamy butterscotch cake kissed with chocolate chips.

So, it is menu boards, illuminated signs, display fixtures, images and stylish lettering are part and parcel of your cafeteria signs. Make sure that you use the right colors, design, graphics and images are fit to be used in your corporate lunchroom. The whole idea is to entice feelings of hunger, attract the attention of food lovers to the signs, and bringing about a retail look, feel and experience of relishing a meal in a café setting.

Do you have some more innovative ideas to share about signage design? If yes, feel free to add your valuable comments and suggestions.

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