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Monument Signs to Make Your Business Stand Out!

With monument signs, you can make your business stand out because of its colossal size and dynamic appearance. This signage product from Wesco Signs can naturally target a larger audience because it attracts customers’ attention with large shapes, big fonts, and vibrant colors as they walk or drive by a hotel, church, hospital, amusement park, or farm. As a custom signage service company, we help clients with unique sign solutions garnering more impressions than conventional forms of outdoor advertising.

Our monument signs are large, self-supporting, and mounted on a pillared foundation. You can turn passersby into customers by installing our monument signs at the entrance of your sprawling garden or water-theme park.

After sign survey, the team of sign engineers would implement the structural design. They would provide you with the detailed specification and design needed for sign elements like face decoration, lighting, painting, structure, and metal fabrication. They would provide manufacturing suggestions and different techniques for installation. Their team would be providing you with a solution for each technical issue, which could arise during the entire process. After finalizing the design, getting the city permit can be a daunting task. They take care of managing all the related paperwork in order to process the permitting.

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