Pole signs come in a range of styles and design options


Pole signs come in a range of styles and design options. This post walks readers through the benefits of using pylons as well.

Pole signs or pylons are freestanding structures that you can use to attract customers for your business. These are built directly into the soil with the help of some supporting structure. Normally, they are 12 feet in height, making them extremely visible in the nearby areas. This implies when people or passing vehicles move at a distance, your pylon sign installed near your store is easily noticeable even from that distance. You can install pole signs to help people easily identify your shopping mall, car dealerships, strip malls, restaurants, gas stations, large retail outlets, hotels etc.

Different Kinds of Pylons

Single or Double-Sided: You can choose from products that have design, text, logo, graphics and message either on one side or both sides. The kind of display you choose depends where and how you will install it. For example, if you are placing a pylon on a street corner, then it’s wiser to use a double-sided signage. This makes sense because traffic on both sides of the road would be able to view your brand and what are offering to your customers.

On the contrary, if a pole sign is facing the posterior side of your business, then a double-sided product doesn’t make much sense. So, you need to decide accordingly based on your business needs.

Illuminated or Non-illuminated: There are two kinds of pole signs to choose from. One is the illuminated version and the other is the non-illuminated one. Though non-illuminated products cost less, it is recommended that you opt for illuminated pylons because electronic display would enhance visibility even during the night.

Single or Double Post: You can also customize pylons based on your needs. This means you can choose single or double posts that extend from one end to the other. If you are opting for a double post, make sure that you have a professional installer take care of it because there are some structural issues with this kind of arrangement. Remember that the look, feel and display of the sign don’t suffer due to the structural problems. At the end of the day, it’s your brand’s and product’s advertisement that matter.

A Look at the Benefits

  • These products help people identify your business and divert traffic to your shopping plaza, restaurant, retain store, gas station and more. Whether it is a single business or multi-tenant campus, pole signs communicate your brand message effectively.
  • These are made from quality, long-lasting and freestanding structures. Fabrication with steel or aluminum gives them an elegant and extra-resistant look. Illuminated displays that include fluorescent lamps help in advertising your brand, products and services 24/7.
  • They are UV resistant and complement your corporate identity or architecture.

Design Options

When it comes to design options, pylons can be designed for an array of size, shape and dimensions. The most popular options include cut vinyl letters, high resolution graphics, eye-catching colors, digital displays and neon borders. You can even choose from options like custom artwork or logo work.

So, if you are looking for pole signs for your business, ensure that you have a professional sign design company take care of it.

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