Cabinet Signs

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Cabinet Signs to Highlight Your Brand and Business Location

When it comes to cabinet signs, it is the most economical way of accentuating your brand and informing passerby about your company location. That’s because you do not require LED or neon lighting with these box signs. At Wesco Signs, our consultants recommend fluorescent lighting as a cost-effective alternative for clients having budget constraints.

As a signage service company, we help you accentuate your company name and logo using economically priced lighted cabinet signs. Primarily meant for building identification, our cabinet signs are available in all sizes, shapes, designs, and colors.

Our Cabinet Sign Options

  • Wall-mounted
  • Flat faces
  • Pole-mounted
  • Flex faces
  • Embossed faces

We specialize in designing archetypal square box cabinet signs for clients across Torrance in Los Angeles County. This is the perfect way to take your brand image to the next level by dressing up your building fascia, hotel facades, big restaurants, swimming centers, and beauty spas.

Though it is not a necessity, clients can opt for our LED lighted sign cabinets for a more elegant look. As far as graphics are concerned, you can pick from one-color text to multi-colored digital prints.

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