Channel Letters

  • Casa Grill - Channel Letters
  • Estorga's Channel Letters
  • G-Star Raw- Channel Letters

Our Channel Letters Provide Outstanding Visibility

Do you own a tavern, a restaurant, a retail store, or a beauty salon? Try our channel letters and get noticed by passersby. Channel letters from Wesco Signs have unlimited font types giving your business a remarkable visibility and dramatic appearance. Our designers create and install channel lettering for office buildings, retail stores, shopping centers, bistros, banks, and other types of businesses. Our inimitable construction and installation process gives you the flexibility to include your brand logo, contour boxes, and images to make each sign unique.

Why Choose Our Channel Lettering Service?

  • As a professional signage company based out of Torrance, CA, we focus on color and font customization so that you get spotted all day and night.
  • We use a 3-dimensional graphic signage component. Our channel letters are fabricated from metal sheets and most of the time, we use aluminum as it will not rust.
  • At Wesco Signs, we use acrylic materials to endure rough climatic conditions so that your business sign has a neat and lively appearance for years to come.
  • Our channel letters are available in a wide range of fonts, lettering types, styles, and neon or LED illumination.

Letter Types- Variety

Our clients are spoilt with choices when it comes to the variety of our letter types. We offer:

  • Normal interior-lit having plastic faces
  • Open-face
  • Embossed face
  • Backlit
  • Halo lit having protecting poly covers
  • Custom-made shapes for logos, pictures, and symbols

As a signage service company, we are always eager to accommodate your style and advertising needs. Contact us for a free consultation and make informed decisions about fonts, color, letters, design, construction, and installation.