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Showcase Your Business or Property with Pylons Signs

Do you want to showcase your business or property in a way to inform passersby about the exact location of your business? Wesco Signs, a signage service company has built its reputation on delivering the best quality pylon signs for clients in Torrance in California.

Our precisely designed pylon signs feature your brand name, logo, and slogan to give your business enhanced visibility. At Wesco Signs, you get high-performance outdoor signs costing only a few dollars a day. Our seasoned designers and consultants will help you ascertain which pylon type suits your outdoor advertising needs.

Our Pylons are the Best Because:

  • Our products are dynamic in terms of size, shape, color, and perfect installation.
  • We help you take your brand to the next level with custom-designed pylons.
  • Our pylons are impressive, top-illuminated with decorative logos and images.
  • Wesco Signs can impeccably design for large corporations, small businesses, franchises, and even pizzerias.
  • We excel in designing both illuminated and non-illuminated pylon signs with or without electronic display.

However, our consultants recommend electronic display if clients want some special effects. Illuminated pylons are definitely great eye-catchers!

Why Our Pylons are Not Expensive?

You pay us only once and our pylon signs advertise your brand day and night and for years! Opting for traditional modes of advertising implies paying every month. With conventional methods, you don’t enjoy the advantage of ownership.

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