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Sound Project Management for Your Sign Project

At Wesco Signs, we excel in project management as it is our business philosophy. Our dedicated project managers not only organize project information pertaining to your business sign, but also secure and manage resources at our manufacturing unit to achieve client objectives.

How We Manage Sign Design Projects?

    We first have meetings with our clients and request them to go through all the different components of your sign including materials, colors, design, graphics, fonts, and finishes. Once clients like our project management plan; our designers start working on the layouts. Thereafter, we assess the requirements and submit it for client approval. Once approved, we start with the fabrication process.

    As a reputed signage service company in Torrance, California, we hire only experienced project managers, who answer all your questions right away and make sure that your project is on track.

    We ensure that your signage project is on schedule and doesn’t miss deadlines.

    Our project managers use their intellect, handle deadline pressure, and resolve issues.

    We get your job and on time.

    Call us at: 310 538 5538

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