The Right Pylon Sign Brings Higher Returns for Your Business


If you are unhappy with your new store’s volume, have you ever tried removing the small pylon sign and replacing it with a larger and taller one? You would definitely find that the volume would increase by at least 23%. As per the statistical data given by the Small Business Association of America, a pylon sign with the incorporation of an LED message can increase the volume of a store by 15 to 150 percent. If you purchase the right kind of sign, your business would definitely gain by higher returns.

Instead of contacting any local sign maker, you should search online for reputable companies providing unique signs to meet specific needs of a business. These companies come with years of experience and expert designers that would create the right kind of sign to help your business growth. These professionals understand the significance of good signage and install the signs at such locations that would draw maximum volume. They even help you to choose the right location and obtain a lease from the landlord as approval for installing the signage. The right pylon sign would help to create the first impression for your potential customers. The sign also needs to always look like as if it has been newly installed. In order to make the sign last and look as good as new for many years, it needs to be made of a rust-proof metal, with high impact plastics, and high-end automotive coating of paint. Whether you go for neon signs, illuminated channel letters, a centralized LED message, or a lighted sign cabinet, the pylon sign at the front of your store would certainly give you every value on the invested money.

As per statistical data, nearly 85% of the business sales come from within a periphery of 8-kilometer radius. So, advertising with a pylon sign works wonder for your business. A good signage company incorporates the marketing decisions and designs, creating the look, message, sign types, quantities, sizes, and such other things to create the necessary impact. More than 87% businesses fail just because of lack of improper signage. If you are advertising with a good signage, it would give you nearly ninety percent probability of success. If your current business is going slow, then the first thing you need to do is contact a reputable signage company and ask them to create a unique free-standing pylon sign for your store.

Contacting a reputable signage company is not a daunting task. You just need to go through the search engine results and make a list of top ten companies in your city. Then you have to visit their websites and browse through the different signage products. You should also read the testimonials and feedbacks posted by their clients and find about the quality of products and customer support rendered by them. Once you are absolutely satisfied, you can give a call and make an appointment with the company representative. Ask for a free quote and then compare the quotes given by the companies. Select the one that suits your budget the best!

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