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Wesco Signs- Your One-stop Shop for Sign Engineering

At Wesco Signs, we have a team of engineers ensuring the implementation of the finest structural design. Our sign engineering services provide you with detailed signage design and specification for all kinds of sign elements including lighting, face decoration, metal fabrication, structure, and painting. Our sign engineers delight clients with valued engineering, manufacturing suggestions, and installation techniques. Our team has a solution for every technical issue that may arise during the design process.

Why Choose Our Sign Engineering Service?

  • Our engineering team is knowledgeable about advanced technology and time-tested manufacturing techniques to metamorphose a client’s vision on canvas into reality.
  • Our signage products are the result of perfect coordination and integration among our production, engineering, and installation team.
  • At Wesco Signs, our engineers create scale sign drawings to demonstrate the layout of the signage. On client request, we also superimpose your business sign onto a snapshot of the proposed location. This gives clients an idea of what the sign will look like after completion of the project.
  • Our engineering team assists in the designing and redesigning of your business signage so that it can be placed strategically at the right location, and tunes with the local planning environment.
  • Our sign engineers are always eager to learn more through continuous research and development so that clients get signage products of great value.
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