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Our signage products and services offer you a fantastic option to promote your store, caffeine shop, bar, photo studio, gymnasium, salon, or any other business. Our visual artists and designers wear creative hats to design incredible signs simply for your business! Furthermore, we take pleasure in offering a free-of-charge estimate by visiting your store location, taking snapshots of your business, and executing a site survey. This is done to gauge the area where the outdoor sign will be installed. It provides us with a fair idea of the sort of sign that would work wonders for your business.

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At Wesco Signs, we focus on supporting every business with custom-made banner requirements. Whether it is a more elaborate design with logos and images or a straightforward one with large content; our products are of world class quality at the most competitive price.

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Wesco Signs’ popularity is not only limited for its outstanding products, but also for the notable quality customer care support as well. We take the responsibility to dispatch the banner at the doorstep.

Up to Date

Wesco Signs is a top name in custom-made banners & signs in The Orange County areas of Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Westminster, and Tustin, and beyond, since years. Our team of talented visual artists and designers keep themselves up-to-date outstanding signs & banners for your business.

Made with Love

Our wide selection of vertical banners, outdoor banners, cost-effective signs, and many such products are created with utmost care, so that people get attracted to your business. Our committed team strives to create signs & banners that have a lasting impact.

Our Services:

  • Channel Letters Sign Design and Installation
  • Monument Signs Design and Installation
  • Pole/Pylon Signs Design, Installation and Fabrication
  • Interior Signs Design, Installation and Fabrication
  • 3D Signage Design, Installation and Fabrication
  • Cabinet Signs Design, Installation and Fabrication
  • Neon Signs Design, Installation and Fabrication

We've got what you need!

If you are in need of the most innovative custom neon signs, monument signs, channel letters, pole signs, cabinet signs, dimensional signs, pylon signs, and interior signs for business, we help to perform a miracle in attracting the target potential customers. Getting an estimate on the installation or design of a digital sign cost you nothing. We do a free of cost survey and gauge the area to determine the best possible billboard and the perfect space to attract the potential customers. We strive on customer satisfaction and our installed signs in Orange County have earned us a reputation in being the most innovative signs installation company in various Californian areas.


We Create Awesomeness
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  • Channel Letters
  • Monument Signs
  • Cabinet Signs
  • Pylon/Pole Signs
  • Interior Signs
  • Dimensional Letters

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