The 9 Step Process of Developing a Successful Healthcare Wayfinding Signage

The success of a way finding system is in being able to basically accommodate three travel modes. They are interior pedestrian, exterior vehicular and exterior pedestrian. When there is synergy of all of these three systems in a seamless and flawless manner, visitors have the peace of mind

In this article we will be looking into each stage of the development process of a healthcare way finding system in detail.

Begin with meeting

To begin with, sign companies prefer onsite meetings. Thereafter the recommendation of the sign companies is to form a relatively small group of representatives with functional background so as to hear them out; their viewpoints and opinions for requirements that need to be met in the near future.

It’s advisable to include in the initial meeting between the client and representatives of the sign company, a tour of the client’s site so that the client’s business premises could be evaluated by representatives of the sign company and thereby preliminary recommendations in relation to guiding and developing the system could be made.

Survey photos, graphic standards and site plans ought to be obtained during the initial meeting. As a result of the initial meeting budgets and project timelines could be prepared and along with that whether or not there are issues with code and whether there is any need of adding language could be ascertained.

Interview the Staff

Interviewing members of the staff would include representatives from facilities management, nursing, marketing and administration. The sign companies in Torrance typically collect information like names of structure; pinpoint where visitors are likely to be lost as to which way to go along with issues related to traffic, and any information in addition to what has already been obtained.

Survey the Site in detail and Analyze the Flow of Traffic

While the survey of the site is underway, there are a few things that have to be documented by the design team of the sign companies and they are whether there are any signs that already exist along with the condition of the site, identifying the rooms and information about the code. Where the parking areas, entrances, elevators, stairwell and safety equipments are located and how they are related with each other would be noted during the survey. Photos in addition to what is mandatory have to be taken and if there are any issues regarding accessibility, they would be documented. Analysis of flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic would include documenting issues and decision points.

Presentation of way Finding Analysis Report

Included in this report would be an analysis of the condition in current state, current problems, and suggestions for solutions in future state. Typically these solutions would include basic designs of external and internal sign genre, and reasoning as to how communication would be improved through these specific designs. The presentation would include a schedule of messages in detail with site plan integration clearly illustrating the text associated with each and every sign location. Images of chosen sign designs would superimpose onto photos of the client’s current business signs along with strategy for guiding vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Revision of design and finally approving

After the presentation of the report signage companies implement the design based on client specifications, site plan and revise the design finally prior to approval. With the design finally approved, the timeline for the project has to be submitted which would include time frames for each and every stage of the project and milestones that need to be crossed by both the parties.

Managing the project

With the designs and plans approved, the next stage is to entrust the project to the experienced project management team of the sign company. The project management team has the expertise to manage each and every detail of the project both internally and externally including permission, approval, and installation.


In this stage of the project the engineering department of the sign company prepares drawings of the shop and based on that, the project proceeds to the next stage which is fabrication. A lot of man-hours would be spent by a design company as they would be using 3D engineering software for planning and documenting each and every detail regarding fabrication. With the shop drawings being approved by the production management team, they are ready for fabrication.


The penultimate stage of the project once engineering is done and validated is fabrication on the shop floor. Usually sign companies have huge facilities equipped for massive projects. They have welders with certification, and have high-tech paint booths. The assembly areas of the sign companies have UV printers which are equipped to print graphics brilliantly to accentuate the detail in photography.


In this final stage of the project after fabrication of the components of signage the installation team carefully, safely and accurately installs the signage at the client site. The onus is on the project management team to coordinate the entire project as it passes through different phases. Follow up and maintenance of the signage is ongoing after installation.

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