Tips for Creating an Effective and Impactful Signage Solution


Doesn’t really matter how favored or how much acclaimed your small business may be, still one of the critical aspect of your brand image and public appearance has a direct connection with your business signage.

Irrespective of the size of your business, your signage stands as an integral means of advertising your brand, your business’ existence, products, service and more.
In this highly sophisticated, mobile and buyer centric society where millions of dollars are exchanged annually for products, goods and services the significance of business signage is impossible to deny.

Signage now stands as the business’ ultimate link to the customer. There is no secret; a carefully designed, well thought out and well maintained signage reduces the need for other forms of advertising.

An effective signage creates that ultimate first impression: Impression matters and first impression matters the most. This means the graphic and textual presentation of your business signage creates a significant first impression for new customers. A well designed signage also stands as a great marketing tool in branding a consistent image into your past, present and future customer’s mind.

Remember; burned-out bulbs, tattered signs or typos can turn off customers. As a responsible business owner you should therefore frequently assess the look, feel, condition and the placement of your signage

It also helps in boosting sales: Simply put; your signage is your 24/7 salesperson on the street. University Of San Diego revealed – an addition of one on-premise sign increased the annual sales of 4.75%. The Institute of Transportation Engineers also estimated that signage can generate traffic up to 20%-45% for businesses.

Design and Message aspects for your business signage: Let’s touch the base point – your company’s signage needs to be seen to

  • Create first impression
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic
  • Boost your bottom line.

In order to achieve all these and much more your exterior signage needs to be bold, precise in message, easy to read from a distance.

Fitting too much detail on a sign will only confuse the reader. In order to be consistent and memorable your signage should carry your corporate color scheme, corporate image and logo.

Also; your signage must be visible after dark. After all it is your best advertisement tool from dawn to dusk.

Here are a few tips to come up with an effective signage solution

Think size, scale and height: These are the most important aspects to consider when designing a business signage. Here’s an easy math to remember –

  • Any standard business card should be 3.5 inches by 2 inches;
  • Any standard yard sign should be 24 inches by 18 inches
  • Any standard bulletin billboard like the ones you find along highways should be 14 feet high by 48 feet wide.

Location, yet another important aspect to mull over: We never get tired of saying; location certainly plays the most important role in determining the efficacy of the signage. An effective signage in a great location has a great influence in people’s purchasing behavior. Ensure to check the regulations and the codes in your area before installing any signage.

Here’s an easy tip – Install your signage in the highest traffic areas and in the most visible areas first and then go for multiple versions of similar design.

Go for bold colors, big fonts and striking graphics: Color, text and graphics are the most important decisions you may have to make when working on your sign project.  Approach it with care and with two important things in mind –

  • Identity & Branding
  • Visibility & Contrast

Here’s a tip – Try a striking contrast. Also the fonts you use should be legible and uncomplicated. Most importantly; the graphic or the background should never distract or overpower the message of the sign.

Check the contrast: No. there is absolutely no thumb rule or perfect set for pairing colors and for creating contrast, still there are few color pair and color contrast that stand out as easily legible from a distance. Consider the following color pairs to create easy to read signage

  • Black and white
  • Black and yellow
  • Blue and white
  • Blue and yellow
  • Green and white
  • Red and white
  • Red and yellow

Focus on what’s printed on your business sign: Your brand is that ultimate all encompassing experience that has an enormous effect on your clients. With your business signage you either draw people in or simply push them away. A neat and well thought out signage can tell your brand’s story in public in a crisp manner

To help small business create impactful signs here are a few easy tips to remember –

  • Potential customers usually view a signage for 5 – 7 seconds so be clear and concise
  • Stay away from wasting space to talk about an obvious feature  that all your competitors also offer
  • Include a call to action
  • Monitor and track results after installing the signage in order to fine tune the message in future
  • Keep your brand top of mind with your potential customers with right contrast, great color and bold images
  • Refresh your business signage regularly.

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