Top Benefits of Advertising Your Business with Neon Signs

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If you are thinking of advertising about the location of your business and increase its visibility among the prospective customers, then there are manifold sign options to choose from. However, one specific type of sign that has been popular and effective since decades is the neon sign.

Today’s competitive market makes the advertisement and promotion for specific products and services quite challenging. What works perfectly for others might not work for you. Advertising with the help of neon signs give you a plethora of benefits. These signs are majorly recommended paraphernalia, which are especially ideal for startups and small-sized businesses. Right from retail store fronts to restaurants and service businesses, these retro chic signs remain popular. You can convey information about your business with style and urgency.

There are manifold benefits for a business when neon signs are used for advertising, which are as follows:

Voltage variety

There is no specific voltage requirement for the neon lights. These lights run on any range of voltage and require a small amount. You can go for different types of styles with these neon signs and there won’t be any worry about voltage compatibility, while installing the signs.

Highly durable

You would be getting full value of the amount invested as these signs are highly durable and last for a long time. Generally, the expected longevity of these signs is considered to be ten years approximately, provided there wiring and the neon bulbs work efficiently. In comparison to common light bulbs, the neon bulbs last longer.


When it comes to designs and styles, you have a lot of freedom with these signs, as these are quite flexible. You can customize the signs by choosing your options from a wide array of symbols, letters, shapes, numbers, and sizes. You get incredible option for logo design as well, because there is a wide color palette option too. So, instead of using stock images, you can design the sign in any color or shape.

Energy Consumption

The organizations advocating for environmental conservation also promote usage of neon sign designs, as these are quite eco-friendly and do not have to be changed on a frequent basis. After hydrogen, helium, carbon, and oxygen, the most abundant chemical element found in nature is neon. Due to the mass abundance, these signs are quite affordable. As these signs do not require any filament, you can touch the electrodes as well. This reduces the material wastage to a considerable extent and nearly seventy to eighty percent of the electricity bill gets decreased.

Though neon lights certainly attract your business, you need to consider certain things while implementing these. Make sure the people around the locality do not get annoyed with the neon lights standing out too much. You should also keep in mind that displaying too many signs can cause a visual clutter making it difficult for potential customers concentrate on what exactly you are trying to advertise. This is the reason you should take help of a professional sign design company and let the potential customers get information about your business in the most professional way.

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