Types & Benefits of Monument Sign Orange County


Do you want to enhance the visibility of your brand through a proper sign? Maybe no kind of signage is more unmistakable and impactful as a monument sign. An all around developed monument sign demonstrates the overall population that you are pleased with your organization and its logo. This kind of sign, more so than some other, is an awesome source of recognizable proof, frequently situated in very unmistakable territories that offer ideal viewing. Illuminated or not, these signs can be developed from an assortment of materials, including aluminum, cement, and froth. Custom designs can be included with dimensional letters and logos in a large group of other complimentary mediums and hues. A monument sign Orange County agency offers manifold benefits while designing and installing the sign.

Benefits of installing a monument sign

Monument signs can help your target consumers find you efficiently and quickly. These act as your constant advertising partner. The more the passersby drive by, the higher it sends them a subliminal message. These enhance your brand and add an extra layer of uniformity and consistency to your overall marketing strategy. A large and well constructed monument sign can help to drive sales, aids in catching the attention of a potential customer, thereby enhancing the possibility of bringing new customers to your account base. The monument signs speak boldly about your organization. A well positioned, attractively designed, and well manufactured monument sign conveys a message to the potential customers and the general public that you care about the image of your company and proud of its brand value.

Types of monument signs

Aluminum: The monuments signs fabricated from weather resistant, durable aluminum are the most common types found nowadays. These aluminum monument signs can be both illuminated and non-illuminated. The illuminated signs can use wither routed graphics and letters or acrylic insert panels so that your message can stand out brightly at night. The various shapes, paint colors, and textures create an endless pallet of creative options. These are often mounted on a concrete pedestal. These offer the greatest versatility and flexibility in the signage industry.

Concrete: A monument sign made of concrete makes a bold statement about your organization. Virtually inflexible to the elements, these types of monument signs are often installed in the gateways to towns or industrial areas. You can also utilize the large building complexes and the parks by installing concrete monument signs as identification markers.

Pre-fab foam: This new type of monument sign construction is made of durable and lightweight foam. These signs have expanded polystyrene (EPS), lightweight, inner foam core, which is sprayed with a hard coat making these signs resistant to termites, rot, and moisture. These signs are of exceptional durability and superior versatility. These are very easy to install and quite cost effective, compared to the concrete and aluminum signs.

You need to contact a reputed signage company in Orange County and discuss with them about the specific requirements of your business. Their experienced and creative professionals would design the most eye catching sign and install the same at such a location that would continue to draw the attention of the passersby.

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