Types of Channel Letter Signs to Make Your Business Outshine Others


Channel letter signs glow bright and are great to draw attention to a commercial building or storefront. They are available in different styles and forms. Learn about different types of channel letter signs to illuminate your business in this blog.

Do you own a retail shop in a crowded marketplace? Then it is crucial to offer outstanding visibility to your prospective consumers to stay ahead of your competitors. Whether it is a hotel or restaurant, a bar or casino you cannot promote your business without an inviting, vibrant and spirited sign. And all these requirements can be successfully addressed by eye-catching channel letter signs.

What are Channel Letters?

A channel letter is a three-dimensional letter sign crafted from a sheet of metal, typically plastic or aluminum. Computerized router or laser is used to cut the sheet of metal into letter shapes, which are needed to make the back of channel letters. Then approximately 3 to 6-inch wide strips are bent to 90 degrees along the edges of the cut letters to create the sides called “returns”. To mask the edges, trim cap is used offering the final touch. Metal or an acrylic face is also used to fabricate the front of the signage. A plastic channel letter is made from molded plastic cans. Channel letters are illuminated by LED modules or neon gas tubes.

Different Types of Channel Letters Available

In this competitive business scenario channel letter sign has the potential to grab attention and it is great to outshine other business competitors. It comes in an array of sizes, font styles and color schemes to suit any business needs.

Front-lit Channel Letters

Popularly known as standard channel letters, they are commonly found at shopping centers and retail malls. They are illuminated from inside by LED modules or neon gas tubes. The illumination emits through the acrylic front surface offering the signage an interesting appearance. A translucent vinyl overlay is also sometimes applied over the white acrylic surface to attain desired shade or color. Reverse-lit Channel Letters

They are also called back-lit or halo-lit channel letters. This type of signage allows light to emit from the backside of the letters. The light gets reflected to the mounting surface. During the installation of the sign, gap or space is maintained between rear of the sign and the mounting surface. Aluminum is used to cover the front of the letters. The rear is covered with polycarbonate. This prevents creeping creatures from nesting inside the sign.

Specialty Channel Letters

These are uniquely designed signs that can be custom-made to fit certain specifications. You can opt for neon lights, color changing LEDs, new color letters and other distinguished elements to enhance the appeal of the display.

Open Face Channel Letters

Open face channel letters are crafted with the letter faces open or exposed and the source of illumination is visible. This pattern offers an interesting visual experience to the signage. They offer a spectacular impact on the onlookers.

Want to create channel letter sign to attract potential customers to your retail store? Then look for a trusted sign design company and take your business to the next level.

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