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Channel signs from sign company torrance in ca can advertise your products if it is kept free of birds. Safe methods to keep the feathered friends at bay are available and should be applied instantly.

Restaurants and retail stores often use channel signs for advertising and spreading the brand name of the company. It offers increased visibility and makes an impression on the consumer owing to the vast array of fonts available in varying sizes. Bright colors and soothing fonts make the signs easily readable. It enhances the chances of noticing the brand name. Each design is created keeping in mind the customer’s needs of including logos, images, and contour boxes. Constructed in a three-dimensional fashion these are constructed from light aluminum sheets which are less likely to get damaged in the rain and sun. The acrylic materials used are strong and can withstand rough weather. The channels come with the option of fitting neon lights or LEDs which makes them visible at night also.

These lights increase the sales and make your store quite popular but the additional hassle of cleaning and maintaining should not be forgotten. Mostly birds tend to make nests in the cozy places located in the channels and ruin the look of the store with hanging bits of straw. Preventive measures are however available which can humanly discourage the feathered creatures from nesting in the channels.

Scare them away

Visual deterrents like decoy owls are often placed at parking sites or on top of the stores so that nesting birds are scared off. Big-sized birds are often used against smaller birds but the strategy fails quickly. Birds soon realize that the other one is a fake owing to lack of movement or sound. They can seldom sit still without moving a limb and readily make out that the strange behavior of the false one. So make sure you pick one that makes sounds once in ten minutes at least to dupe the live ones.

Use a bird spike

These are not really sharp ones that can hurt the animal and sound really cruel. A number of companies sell blunt spikes which don’t injure the bird but prevent it from landing on the channels and making a nest. These are usually placed in the crevices or the channel tops which they find cozy and worth making a home.

Try a bird gel

No, it will not glue their wings! Bird gels have always been used for driving away them away. It is sticky gel that is usually spread on the ledge of the channels or in the crevices so that when birds land on them the stickiness makes them uncomfortable enough to leave and not come back. However the liquid tends to collect dirt and dust and lose the stickiness feeling. It is not a legal method though and you can get into trouble if an exotic species has chosen to roost on the channel of sign company torrance in ca.

Sound and motion deterrents

Various kinds of sound machines are available which make sounds periodically to scare the birds. The regular ones include the sounds of predatory birds and barking of dogs which are scheduled to go off at regular intervals. Rapid or unexpected motions do the same job of scaring the birds and keeping the signage clear.

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