What Should You Do To Create Compelling Signage?


Keep in mind; an effective retail signage should clearly tell customers why and what they are looking at a particular selection of products.

Did you know some of the greatest sins in retailing? You guessed it right – lack of signage, lack of personality in the signage, confusing message, which they may deliver to customers are the greatest sins, which should be avoided at all cost. Let’s drive to the point straight now – what should you do to create compelling signs?

It’s impossible to deny the significance of an effective signage for your retail store. It should be right at the front and at the center if you are creating a product display. Keep in mind; an effective retail signage should clearly tell customers why and what they are looking at a particular selection of products.

Think it from the customer’s point of view. Your retail signage should be able to capture the interest of the customer. Just like an email with a great subject line receives the maximum ‘open rate’, just like an incredible headline in a newspaper compels the reader to read it or a flashy magazine cover makes someone buy it, similarly your signage should be enough interesting, which customer can’t overlook.

So; here are a few tips for creating a signage that’s compelling, effective, efficient and persuasive.

Tip 1: KISS – Keep it short and simple and to the point: This is the mantra indeed. It has a reason also. Research and statistical data suggests, attention spans have clearly reduced. In fact the all new mobile sensation vine where people are creating just 6 seconds videos point towards this fact, attention spans have evidently shortened. Yes; customers are in hurry and your signage should respect and value that.

Tip 2: Legible Fonts – ensure that the fonts you use are clearly readable. If the customer fails to read quickly they’ll move on. Let’s face the fact; you can get away with crayons on a billboard, however when it comes to driving footprints it’s a totally different ball game altogether. It’s not about getting away but about driving sales. Use clear font characters. Stay away from using multiple colors and curly-cues. The goal is simple – your signage should grab the customer’s attention first, then to your message and finally gravitate to your product.

Tip 3: Your signage should clearly tell the reasons for buying your services or products. Again step into the customer’s boot, think it from his perspective – what could be the customer’s reason for buying your product or service? Craft your worlds accordingly. As a sign company in Torrance CA, we never get tired of saying; content plays the integral part when it comes to the point of making your digital signage successful. The right content + the right usage of colors + the fonts+ the color schemes = GREAT retail signage

Tip 4: Less is always more when it comes to retail signage. Needless to say; customer’s psyche has got used to short, crisp and succinct messages. So be a ruthless editor. Edit and review your copy ruthlessly until your signage depicts the meaning without fluff.

Tip 5: Test your signage. I know it’s always fun to install a new sign that you feel is perfect. But do not miss testing your sign. Is it too small to be seen by speeding cars? Is it too faint to be seen through tainted window? You can also ask someone you know your friend, relative or neighbor to drive by and then tell you what’s your sign are all about. If they can’t, well, then EDIT!

Tip 6: Add some humor. Face it, boring signs are boring and there’s no other way to describe it. So be creative, brainstorm and come up with an idea to grab even the casual browser’s attention. Puns, funny photos and jokes are great ways to show that you are not a boring business.

Have Fun!

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