What Signage Products to Consider for Your Restaurant cum Bar this Christmas?


During the festive season, restaurants cum bars need to install high quality illuminated light boxes and LED signs to attract customer attention.


Whether it is our restaurant cum bar’s interior or exterior, well crafted sign products will accentuate your eatery’s culture as well as selling points. And, simultaneously, you would be able to establish a statement of professionalism and quality to attract the attention of potential customers and passersby this Christmas.

Experienced sign companies do design and fabricate different types of products for commercial and retail outlets. However, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve knocking at the door, people are more excited about dining out with friends and family. So, in this post let’s understand what signs you should consider for your restaurant cum bar to attract more customers and increase footfalls.

When it comes to your restaurant serving a variety of delicacies and drinks, LED lighting is something you can think of. Since you are specializing in food and drinks during the holiday season, the majority of your business would be generated after dusk. You can install illuminated displays to highlight starters, soups, main courses, desserts, drinks and cocktails so that potential customers know what you have to offer to food aficionados this festive season. Ensure that your illuminated exterior signs are clearly seen by passersby on the road.

Light Box Signs Made with Powder Coated Aluminum

You can consider aluminum light box displays with a powder coating to match the branding of your restaurant cum bar. When it comes to aluminum, it has a typical silver finish and the powder coating to match the brand concept of your eatery in question. As you are trying to attract more customers during Christmas, make sure that the powder coating is not done using any dull color. Choose a bright color so that it matches with your eatery’s existing branding concept, festive theme and marketing materials.

The light boxes then should be fitted with white LED lighting so that the names of your food items – i.e. starters, main meals or dessert are illuminated at night for an eye-catching impact.

LED lights can be placed on a back tray behind the lettering of your restaurant or bar sign. LED lights are preferred by many food outlets, pizzerias, bistros and the like because they keep functioning for 50,000 hours and are extremely cost-effective when compared to traditional lighting systems.

Sign Letters Made from Perspex

Letters for signs are very important; therefore you can create letters made from Perspex and mount the same on an aluminum tray. This can be done using acrylic studs so that they stand out in the Christmas crowd to produce a 3D impact.

You must choose Perspex LED Illuminated letters for the following reasons:

  • Overall look is very impressive and sleek
  • Stands out from the rest with illuminated letters and attractive color scheme
  • Since the illumination is at the back of the Perspex letters, it glows more brilliantly during the night when people are eager to dine and raise a toast to the Christmas spirit. The names of delectable foods and red wines should show brightly when more footfalls are expected.

The Size and Color Matters

When deciding on the size, you need to understand the traffic in the area where your restaurant is located. If only passing cars speed through, you need to install bigger LEDs so that your business is visible from a distance. And, if only people are passing by your eatery and not many cars, you can save cost using small illuminated displays.

If you want to use only text, choose monochromatic colors but if images are incorporated, then a color LED sign is appropriate for the holiday season.

Do you want to light up your restaurant, bistro or bar front in a special way? If so, consult some reputed sign companies in Torrance, CA to meet your signage needs this festive season.

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