What Standard Materials Are Used for Outdoor Monument Signs & Why?

The choice of materials plays a significant role when it comes to monument signs. Read this post to know what materials you need to choose and why.

Monument signs are installed by large shopping malls, community centers and theme parks to identify these commercial establishments easily. These are affixed to the building ground and used by businesses all over the globe. They are made from a number of materials including expanded polystyrene, block/brick and aluminum.

Whether you require a new look for your outdoor sign design or simply want noticeable monument signs from a signage company, it’s the materials that you should consider seriously.

They are big, imposing and freestanding exterior signage, normally mounted on a pillared foundation. Monuments signage displays are generally installed near entrances of recreational areas, huge residential communities, churches, farms, theme parks and many more. They are generally mounted on brick, stone, wood base (with side pillars) or on side posts.

As to the materials, let’s read this post to learn why you should choose them and how they make your exterior signage stand out and become noticeable to visitors and customers.

Monument Signs Made from Aluminum

Businesses choose aluminum because it’s rustproof and offers the longevity that you would be expecting from the money that you have spent on it. With aluminum, you would be able to:

  • Create different sizes and shapes
  • Providing infinite options and helping in remaining consistent with the buildings your monument signage signifies.

You can opt for both illuminated as well as non-illuminated signs.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Expanded Polystyrene, i.e. EPS is thermal plastic stuff and forms thick foam perfect for crafting different sizes and shapes. This material is ideal for designing customized products used for displaying grand architectural detail and accenting buildings.

You should choose EPS because:

  • Design possibilities are endless
  • Cosmetic versatility
  • Affordable alternative to mimic a stone, brick or stucco monument signs
  • Available in illuminated and non-illuminated options

Brick/Block Signs

Brick or block monument signs have been in use for several years. These are firm structures and are perfect for added applications or for showing off accents such as stones, tiles or granites. Brick or block monuments signs help in representing corporate identities all over the globe. These products are non-illuminated.

So, if you are looking for outdoor sign design such as monument signs, you have infinite design choices and manufacturing capabilities.

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