Why Use Monument Signs to Advertise Your Business?


Monument signs are used by businesses for a number of reasons. It lets people know about your business, its location, gives it a good exposure and also makes a statement about your hotel, plaza or amusement park.

Whether you are a startup venture or need a new look for your existing business, use of signage products has become mandatory today. Now, business owners are also trying to attract the attention of potential customers when they are passing or driving by their store, shopping plaza, hotel or amusement park.

If you have a business spread across a sprawling campus, such as that of a hotel or a water theme park, the importance of imposing monument signs simply cannot be ignored. These architectural structures come in diverse shapes, sizes, design and materials. However, before installing them you need to check your local regulatory restrictions where business is based.

How are these structures beneficial in promoting your business and make it known? Well, to get the answer to this question, you need to read this post.

Lets Prospects Know Where Your business Is Located

If you are the owner of a large hotel and have a huge landscaped garden in front, people need to know where you are exactly located and the directions to your hotel. This is where the importance of monument signs comes into play, informing casual passersby about your hotel so that they visit your place of business some time or the other.

Make a Statement about Your Business

Whether you are installing a small monument sign or an imposing one with alluring lettering and style, it makes a statement about your business. It creates the first good impression on new visitors and customers by conveying a professional image about your business.

Give Your Brand a Good Exposure

Yes, it gives good exposure to your passersby, visitors and customers. Monument signs are physical representations of your shopping mall, hotel or amusement park and promote your corporate image by being visible to passersby, foot traffic and passing vehicles. This means that it gets your business noticed day in and day out.

Suits Any Shape, Size and Location

As far as these architectural structures are concerned, they suit any shape, size and location. These displays can be of any color and made with materials such as stone, wood, and have a variety of styles, lettering and finishes. These signs also give you enough space to display your company’s logo, or custom design images that educate your customers about your kind of business and what products/services you sell.

24/7 Advertisement

These structures can be displayed 24/7, in all weather conditions and in all seasons. If you do not have budget constraints, you can opt for illuminated lettering and visuals, making your brand visible even during the night. This is more advantageous than non-illuminated options because passersby can notice your hotel, plaza or amusement park even from a distance.

However, before you decide which products to use, it’s imperative to check your state’s or city’s regulatory guidelines and zoning. The rules and regulations differ from one state to the other. Most of the rules are pertaining to the size while another may relate to materials, foundation or installation. Therefore, make sure that your monument signs adhere to state or city regulations so that there are no complications later.

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